Internship opportunities at CNI

Internship opportunities at CNI

The centre is looking for talented engineering students as interns, who are passionate about next generation networking methodologies. This year the areas of focus for internships include: QoS in WiFi networks, telemetry in Data Center Networks, and scalable implementation of lab modules for online courses, among other topics.

The internships would be for a minimum period of 8 weeks, starting from May 2021.

Interns will be provided a stipend of Rs 15,000 per month.


Bachelors degree or Masters degree students in engineering. Bachelors degree students specialising in ECE, EEE, CS or related areas and would complete six semesters before the start of internship can apply. Masters degree students who would complete two semesters before the start of internship can apply.


Please fill the form available at this link to apply for the internship.