M.Tech Fellows

Gururaj. K

Advisor: Ambedkar Dukkipati (CSA)

Gururaj is an MTech Student in EE Department. He did his BTech from NITK Surathkal. He has previously worked at INTEL India for a year. He is interested in Machine Learning and Statistical modelling. His current research focuses on Statistical Network Analysis , Generative Modelling for large-scale Networks ,Dynamic Networks and Heterogenous Networks.

Mahak Pancholi

Advisor: Arpita Patra (CSA)

Mahak is a second year M. Tech student at IISc, Bangalore, working under the guidance of Dr. Arpita Patra , in Cryptography and Information Security Lab. Before joining IISc, she obtained her Bachelors in Computer Science from Mumbai University. My research primarily focuses on building and designing algorithms, using tools from Multiparty Computation for Privacy Preserving Machine Learning in a 3 server setting with minority corruption.

Nirabhra Mandal

Advisor: Pavankumar Tallapragada (EE)

Nirabhra Mandal is an MTech(Res) student in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Indian Institute of Science. He received his BTech in Electrical Engineering from Institute of Engineering and Mangement, Kolkata in 2017. He is broadly interested in Non-Linear Control and Multi-Agent Systems. He is currently working on modeling the evolution and control of a population of selfish agents on a network.

Prasanna Patil

Advisor:  M. Narsimha Murty (CSA)

Prasanna received his B.E. degree in Computer Engineering from L. D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad in 2014. He is currently working under Prof. M Narasimha Murty. He is broadly interested in hypergraphs which are higher-order graphs. His current research focuses on addressing issues involved in hyperedge prediction over hypergraphs. The aim is to develop a machine learning algorithm for hyperedge prediction which is general enough so that it can be applied to hypergraphs emerging in different domains such as biological networks, social networks and communication networks.

Saraswathy Ramanathan

Advisor: Parimal Parag (ECE)

Saraswathy RM is an M.Tech(Res) student at the ECE department working under the guidance of Prof. Parimal Parag. She received her B.E from PES Institute of Technology in the year 2016. She is broadly interested in Queuing theory and networks. Her current research work focuses on design and implementation of distributed storage systems.