Ph.D Fellows and Scholars

Rooji Jinan

Advisor: Parimal Parag (ECE)

Rooji is a PhD student at Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber Physical Systems, IISc, working under the guidance of Dr. Parimal Parag, Department of Electrical Communication Engineering, IISc. Rooji received her B.Tech. degree in Electronics and Communication and her M.Tech. in Communication Engineering and Signal Processing from Calicut University, Kerala. Prior to joining IISc, she worked as an Assistant Professor at Christ College of Engineering (affiliated to Kalam Technological University), Kerala during 2016-17. Her broad research interests are in applied probability and her current project focuses on design and analysis of efficient distributed storage and computation systems with the goal of achieving low latency.

Koti Nishat Saipanmuluk

Advisor: Arpita Patra (CSA)

Nishat is a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science and Automation at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, working with Prof. Arpita Patra. Prior to this, she obtained her M.Tech and B.Tech degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from National Institute of Technology Goa. She works in the broad area of cryptography, with a focus on secure multiparty computation (MPC). Her research revolves around designing secure and efficient MPC protocols for machine learning algorithms such as deep neural networks, graph neural networks, etc., that facilitate privacy-preserving machine learning applications.

Anusree Rajan


Dr. Pavankumar Tallapragada (EE)

Anusree is a Ph.D student in the department of Electrical Engineering at Indian Institute of Science Bengaluru. She obtained her M. Tech in Control Systems from CET , Trivandrum in 2016 and B. Tech in EEE from GEC, Thrissur in 2013. Her research interests include resource-aware control of networked control systems. Her recent work is based on the analysis of inter-event times for event-triggered and self-triggered control systems. 

Krishna Chaythanya K V

Advisor: Anurag Kumar (ECE) and Rajesh Sundaresan (ECE/RBCCPS)

Krishna Chaythanya is a fifth-year PhD student at the ECE Department. He obtained his M.Sc(Engg) in ECE from the Indian Institute of Science in 2011 and a B.E. degree in ECE from PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore, in 2008. Before joining IISc for the PhD program, he designed IoT Networks for Home Automation at a startup. Earlier, he worked at Imagination Technologies and CSR Technologies, developing algorithms for wireless baseband transceivers. His research interests are broadly in inference, and control over networks. He is currently working on applying sequential hypothesis testing and learning techniques for inference over networks with applications in Industrial Automation.

Sheela C S

Advisor: Prof. Joy Kuri (DESE) 

 Sheela C S (Student Member, IEEE) is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. She received the M. Tech. degree in Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Kharagpur, in 2012. Before joining IISc for the Ph.D. program, she worked as an Assistant Professor at R. V. College of Engineering, Bangalore during 2012-18. Her research interests include PHY Layer signal processing, array processing, channel modeling, and wireless systems building using MATLAB toolboxes. She is currently working on rate adaptation and multi-user scheduling for the next-generation IEEE 802.11ax WLAN standard, also known as Wi-Fi 6. 

Ravi Raj Saxena

Advisor: ​Dr. T V Prabhakar n& Dr. Joy Kuri (DESE)

Ravi Raj Saxena is a PhD student in the Department of Electronic System Engineering (DESE) at the Indian Institute of Science. He obtained his bachelors from Delhi Technological University(DTU) in 2015. He has worked as a DSP firmware engineer for three years in a Telecom Software firm. His research interests are in IoT data Management and Digital Twin. Currently, he is developing Digital Twins using bond graphs and compression techniques for Time Series Data.

Joydeep Pal

Advisor: T. V. Prabhakar & Chandramani Singh (DESE)

Joydeep is a PhD student at Department of Electronic Systems Engineering, Indian Institute of Science. My research interests are in Tactile Internet, Time-Sensitive Networking and control over networks. He has worked on Energy modelling in Intelligent Drones. He is currently working on the implementation of an intelligent Tactile CPS. He obtained his BTech degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Delhi Technological University.