Centre for Networked Intelligence

About CNI

We are racing towards a connected world where every individual and every connected device adds value to the network and derive value from the network. We leave traces when we engage with the network, and all such interactions add value to the network. Our ability to collect data round-the-clock has far surpassed our ability to manage, analyse, and extract critical and valuable knowledge that can drive intelligent decision making. This large scale sensing and data gathering can result in greater social good only if we are able to create knowledge out of the gathered data. Realising the potential of networked intelligence requires a holistic approach, a creation of a networked intelligence stack involving real-time sensing, communication, networking, distributed computation, analytics and control, characterisation of application intent, and application adaptation. There are many key issues that one needs to solve to realise this pipeline – methods to specify guarantees, network design and architecture to achieve them, robustness, security and privacy, mechanism design, etc. The centre aims to develop next generation networking methodologies and concept solutions that can derive knowledge from evolved networks of the future. The centre aims to build network applications and public policies for the benefit of society in areas such as smart cities, IoT/CPS, data exchanges etc

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