Full time positions at the EECS/RBCCPS’s Centre for Networked Intelligence (a Cisco CSR initiative) at IISc (2)

The Centre for Networked Intelligence (a Cisco CSR initiative), IISc, is an EECS/RBCCPS initiative that is looking to hire talented individuals who are passionate about developing high-impact next generation networking methodologies and associated training material, with applications to smart cities, IoT/CPS, data exchanges, software defined network (SDN) control, cloud computing, ML/AI, and related topics.

We are looking for highly motivated B.Tech/M.Tech/PhD graduates who are interested in designing and implementing innovative ideas in the above mentioned areas, in helping design and conduct hackathons, and in creating experimental platforms, demos, and teaching modules.

Eligibility: – B.Tech or M.Tech. or Ph.D. with expertise in one or more of the following areas: networking, IoT/CPS, data exchanges, SDNs, cloud computing, ML/AI.

Role: – Propose and implement high impact NGN methodologies and develop associated demos. – Create associated training and outreach material. – Setup and maintain network infrastructure and experimental platforms.

Prior experience on projects involving networked intelligence, IoT/CPS, ML/AI is expected. Leadership experience on such projects and an interest in outreach will be pluses.The employment will be initially for a period of 11-12 months, starting immediately, with a possibility of extension by another year. Qualifications and relevant experience will be taken into account while determining the position and the remuneration.

This position is no longer available.