Sujata Sinha

Advised by:- A. Chockalingam (ECE)

Sujata is an Mtech (research) student in ECE department. She is currently working on designing and simulating Orthogonal Space-Time Frequency (OTFS) modulation for Visible Light Communications in an indoor local area network environment. OTFS is 2D signalling technique which effectively tackles the high mobility issues in time-varying wireless communications. The setup uses low-cost Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and Photodetectors (PD) for transmitters and receivers using visible light spectrum (wavelength :- 400 – 700 nm) which is available in abundance at no cost, without the need for licensing, no radiation issues and provides inherent security in closed room application. Also, using white light, it can simultaneously be used for data transmission and lightening.