PhD fellowships

Applications are invited from the PhD students in the Division of EECS and the RBCCPS who have passed their comprehensive examinations (or will pass by 30-09-2019) for a Research Scholarship Programme under the forthcoming Centre for Networked Intelligence (a Cisco CSR Initiative). Three scholarship awards are available under this programme for 2019-2020.

Full-time EECS and RBCCPS students (admitted through the regular interview process), not already having another similar named fellowship (TCS, Qualcomm, TI, Intel, Visvesvaraya, WIRIN, etc.), and who have passed the comprehensive examination (or will pass by 30-09-2019) are eligible to apply.

The broad areas of PhD research include technologies for networked intelligence (e.g. smart cities, autonomous systems, IoT/CPS systems involving sensing, communication, computation and control). The scholarship will be for the duration 01 October 2019 (tentative) to 31 July 2020 or completion of PhD, whichever is earlier. The evaluation committee will look at the quality of the application and the relevance of the proposed research to the centre’s objective of showcasing innovative applications or theories of networked intelligence. (See below for some information on the Centre). The scholarship may be renewed subject to availability of funds and satisfactory progress towards meeting the Centre’s objectives. The stipend will be Rs 43,750 per month (1.25x the current post-comprehensive stipend) and will be in lieu of the MHRD stipend. Some financial support for travel (upto Rs 1 lakh of which 60% can be used for partial funding of international travel) and a contingency grant (upto Rs 40,000) are available. Exact amounts will be indicated at the time of award of fellowship to the selected candidates. The following material should be included in the application package. A single PDF document with size limit (3 MB) that includes:

  1. Covering letter indicating how your work relates to networked intelligence systems and the Centre’s areas of interest (see below).
  2. CV including marks or grades in Bachelors, Masters, other degrees, years of graduation, honours and awards, publications, coursework completed, grades, work experience, etc.
  3. A two-page write-up on your research area — include a short review, broad problem statement, proposed scope and focus. Include any results already obtained and papers published.

The application email with a single PDF document as attachment (size at most 3 MB) has to be forwarded by adviser and should reach Mr. Subramani M.K ( on or before 14-10-2019 (IST).