Podcasts on Covid19 Research in IISc

A special session of the annual research students symposium of the Division of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Sciences (EECS) (https://eecs.iisc.ac.in/EECS2020/) on the Covid-19 research and innovation projects carried out, in IISc in general and the Division of EECS in particular, was held on July 12, 2020. The session was chaired by Prof. Vijay Chandru and received excellent response. This first set of podcasts are recordings of conversations that these teams had with Arjun Swaminathan and Vivek Madan of Native Voices: https://eecs.iisc.ac.in/podcasts-on-covid19-research-in-iisc/

CNI’s COVID-19 related efforts are discussed in these podcasts:

  1. Modelling testing strategies for COVID: Insights from theory and Practice: conversation with Aditya Gopalan and Himanshu Tyagi
  2. Unlocking the lockdown: agent-based city-scale epidemic simulator and workplace readiness tool: conversation with Nidhin Koshy