Coverage Estimation in Outdoor Heterogeneous Propagation Environments

Nihesh Rathod

The aim of this report is to provide a brief overview of the key highlights such as publications, projects and other technical reports originating from five years of Cisco-IISc Research Fellowship.


IEEE Access 2020 Coverage Estimation in Outdoor Heterogeneous Propagation Environments, Volume 8 Nihesh Rathod, Renu Subramanian, Rajesh Sundaresan WMNC 2019 Relay Placement Algorithms for Communication in a Heterogeneous Propagation Paris, France Environment, Nihesh Rathod (Presenter) and Rajesh Sundaresan Globecom 2018 Data-driven and GIS-based Coverage Estimation in a Heterogeneous Propagation Abu Dhabi, UAE Environment, Nihesh Rathod (Presenter), Renu Subramanian, Rajesh Sundaresan


July, 2020 –Onwards

Swabs to Labs: A framework designed to aid officials distribute the swab samples to testing labs efficiently to speed up the report generation time while meeting the lab test capacities, minimising the distribution/travel time of samples etc.

March, 2020 –July, 2020

City-Scale Agent-Based Simulators for the Study of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions in the Context of the COVID-19 Epidemic: An agent-based simulator to study the impact of various non- pharmaceutical interventions in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the key features of the simulator include age-stratified interaction that captures heterogeneity in interaction among people in a given interaction space, the ability to implement various interventions such as soft ward containment, phased opening of workplaces and community spaces, a broad class of contact tracing based testing and case isolation protocols, etc.

May, 2020 – June, 2020

COVID-19 Epidemic: A Workplace Readiness Indicator: The COVID-19 Readiness Indicator is an online assessment tool that enables organisations to understand their current level of preparedness and key risk areas. It also helps in planning and in establishing pandemic-specific policies, procedures, and necessary management practices.

November, 2019 – March, 2020

Study of Driving Patterns Among Public Transport Bus Drivers: A joint project between BMTC, Netradyne and CiSTUP, IISc to understand the driving patterns of BMTC drivers and scored them for their safe driving behaviour. The project also aided the assessment of the Bus Priority Lane implemented on the 30 km stretch of NH 44, between Silk Board Junction and Indiranagar Bus Depot.

May, 2016 – December, 2016

Bheemboy – A course registration website developed for IISc: Coursereg is a webapp for managing course registrations at academic institutions. Students can register for courses on the Coursereg website. The registrations can be reviewed by the student’s adviser, the relevant course instructor, and department admins. After the registration is complete, students can opt to change the registration type (Credit, Audit, etc.) or drop the course within the specified date. On completion of the course, instructors can assign grades.

Work Experiences

June, 2018 – Research Intern, August, 2018 - Cisco Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore. – Next generation Wi-Fi specifications (802.11ax and 802.11az). – Neighbour awareness networking (NAN) and in-band full duplex medium access control (MAC) algorithms. August, 2017 – Teaching Assistant December, 2017 & E0-259 Data Analytics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. August, 2018 – – Principles of hand-on Data Analytics through several case-studies. December, 2018 – Data sets from diverse topics such as astronomy, sports, genomics, neuroscience, surveillance camera and social network. – Statistical tools and modeling techniques for analysing data. August, 2018 – Teaching Assistant, December, 2018 E0-800 Machine Learning and Data Analytics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. – Basic principles of machine learning and data analytics.

Technical Reports

CyPhyss 2017 Poster Presentation – An ACO-based RelayPlacement Tool for Communication in IISc Bangalore a Heterogeneous Region, Nihesh Rathod, Renu Subramanian, Rajesh Sundaresan W COMSNETS 2017 Invited talk – A GIS- and Measurement-aided Framework for Placement of Relays Bangalore in a Heterogeneous Propagation Environment Nihesh Rathod, Renu Subramanian, Rajesh Sundaresan (Presenter)


First Prize PMPML Bus Estimated Time of Arrival Citizen App, December 2019 Pune Urban Data Exchange (PUDX) Datathon. Team Uncharted - Nihesh Rathod (Presenter) and Sagar GV.