Fundamental Connections between Opacity and Attack Detection in Linear Systems

Varkey M. John

Research Conducted

Title: On Connections between Opacity and Security in Linear Systems Our research focussed on finding a relation between attack detection and the privacy notion ‘opacity’ in linear systems. We showed that a fundamental trade-off exists between these two properties. In particular, if an opaque system is subjected to attacks, all attacks cannot be detected. We first characterized the opacity conditions for the system in terms of its weakly unobservable subspace (WUS) and showed that the number of opaque states is proportional to the size of the WUS. Further, we established conditions under which increasing the opaque sets also increases the set of undetectable attacks. This highlighted a fundamental trade-off between security and privacy. We demonstrated application of our results on a remotely controlled automotive system. This work was submitted to the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), 2022. The preprint is available here:

Other Work

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