Implementation of reliable protection and energy management schemes in smart grids

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Microgrids are receiving attention due to the increasing need to integrate distributed generations and to ensure power quality and energy surety. At the same time, the great evolution in communication and information technology is leading the transformation of microgrids into smart grids, where the continuous dialogue between all of the devices connected to the network implies improvements in the overall efficiency and quality of the system. This presentation mainly focuses on background and fundamental building blocks of smart grid with stringent emphasis on practical applications in the existing power system network. An overview of smart grid and its potential in different types of power sectors such as power generation, transmission and distribution in Metro, Urban/Semi urban and remote locations of India is described. This also emphasizes on renewable energy source integration in present grids as well as in micro, nano grids and explores its issues in protection, operation, and control. In addition to it, this further provides utility level analysis in terms of energy management, optimal setting, and operation of conventional and renewable based power plants.

Harikrishna Muda, NIAS

Dr. Harikrishna is currently working as a Post-Doctoral Associate with an emphasis on “Integrated approach to development of India’s power sector” at National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore. He is closely working with India’s regional grid operators for utility-scale feasibility studies. Dr. Harikrishna completed his Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee in 2017 and 2010 respectively. His research interests include ac/dc micro-grids stability, protection, control schemes and data analysis in the energy mix. He has the systematic in-depth specialized knowledge about renewable energies, the paradigm of micro-grids, and various simulation tools MATLAB/Simulink, PSSE, PSCAD, RSCAD, MiPower, and python etc. Harikrishna completed his Bachelor of Technology from Jyothishmathi Institute of Science and Technology, Telangana. He has a total six years of experience in academic, industry and research fields. Initial phase of his career, mainly he engaged in the consulting, training, and development work on engineering services in various organizations in India. He worked as a Research Engineer at Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi. He received a POSOCO award by PGCIL, five scholarships from MHRD, Government of India, and best paper certificate in international conference, which is organized Amity Univeristy, Dubai. He received Excellence Teaching in Higher Education Award-2020, DKIRF Govt. of Tamilnadu and Best Young Researcher Award by Venus International foundation. Dr. Hari has published 4 journal articles in IEEE, IET, 14 conference papers, 2 more chapters in springer journal and assisted to guide several graduate and post graduate students. He is a Member of IEEE, IET, IET and life member of ISTE organizations. He has presented seminars in various reputed organizations in his career.