Real time control – A performance perspective

# 74


With growth in industrial automation,electrification of commute & transport and advanced energy harvesting; theneed for efficient and reliable energy conversion has grown multifold. “RealTime Control”, as the name suggests, is a technique of sensing, processing andactuating applications in real time; which means shortest latency on continualbasis. Performance here transcends conventional CPU processing power andencompasses best tuned precision and latency optimization across sensors,controllers, drivers and power electronic switches all combined as a part of acontrol loop. In this talk, we shall review critical aspects of real timecontrol performance and discuss how performance here differs from performancein other domains.

Shailesh Ghotgalkar, Texas Instruments

Shailesh Ghotgalkar is the Product Systems Manager of C2000 Microcontrollers business at Texas Instruments. He is an accomplished chip architect and design leader with ~25 years of experience in defining and developing products from marketing requirements to production ramp across personal and mobile electronics, industrial drives, electric vehicles and digital power supplies. He has contributed to 3 product roadmaps, 15 device definitions, 22+ tape-outs at TI. Prior to TI, he was with CDAC and responsible for development of first two “Reconfigurable Computing Systems” platforms from concept to user deployment. His research areas include low power, low cost device architectures, control optimizations for industrial and automotive applications. He is recognized as a Senior Member of Technical Staff at TI and is also a Senior Member of IEEE.