Scaling Data Rates, User Density and Sensing Resolution in Next-Generation Wireless Networks

# 97


The next generation of wireless technologies will provide unprecedented capabilities -- gigabyte communication speeds at ultra-low latencies, hyper-precise localization, and vision-like perception. This will enable a plethora of new applications like wireless virtual and augmented reality, self-driving cars, space communications, precision agriculture, high-performance computing, and more. However, while these performance leaps have been demonstrated in the context of constrained networks with single users and controlled environments, the question of scaling these next-gen wireless technologies to large networks in the wild remains unsolved. In this talk, I will present examples of my research that addresses these scalability challenges across different applications, and aims to further add new functionalities like robust sensing and imaging in next-gen wireless technologies. First, I will talk about enabling extreme dense spatial packing of users for untethered wireless streaming in multi-user VR and AR applications, where we can scale the wireless network data rate with the number of clients without suffering interference. Second, I will discuss the challenges of scaling hyper-precise localization enabled by the high bandwidth 5G cellular technologies to ubiquitously deployed low power IoT nodes in the wild. I will show how we can leverage RF-acoustics microsystems to design new kinds of RF filters that can preserve the high localization resolution on narrowband IoT devices that sample 16x below Nyquist. Finally, I will also discuss our work on high resolution imaging using radars for self-driving cars, where our system can produce perceptual vision-like images even through dense fog and low visibility conditions. I will conclude the talk with future directions in next-gen cellular and wireless research, both in terms of core methods as well as applications.

Suraj Jog, Ph. D. Candidate, UIUC

Suraj Jog is a Ph.D. candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), working with Haitham Hassanieh. His research is focused on next-generation wireless networking and wireless sensing. Through his research, he has designed and built systems that can deliver seamless scalability in multiple application domains for millimeter-wave technology, such as gigabit-speed wireless communications, localization and imaging, and wireless networks-on-chip. His research has been recognized with the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship, Joan and Lalit Bahl Fellowship, Mavis Future Faculty Fellowship, M.E Van Valkenburg Fellowship, Rambus Computer Engineering Fellowship, and more.