Leading the core-technology innovations for 6G

# 139


6G wireless systems promise to deliver a transformational impact on various spheres of economic activity, including automobile, manufacturing, industrial (IoT), agriculture, social/ecological sustainability, healthcare, smart cities and so on. In this talk, we touch upon some of the core technologies and features of the air-interface, that provide these capabilities. In particular, we talk about the role of wireless AI, advanced coding, modulation & multi-access, advanced duplexing, high-frequency bands (including subTHz), Advanced MIMO (Mega/super-massive MIMO, LoS-MIMO), multi-hop topologies (smart-repeater, intelligent reflective surfaces), and so on.

Naga Bhushan, VP of Technology, Qualcomm

Dr. Naga Bhushan graduated from IIT Madras in 1989 with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. He obtained his Masters’ and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He then joined Qualcomm Incorporated, where he has been serving as VP of Technology, responsible for multiple generations for wireless systems R&D, technology-validation and promotion. With more than two decades of contributions in the telecommunications sector, he has been working towards advancement of communication theory and innovative implementation of advanced algorithms & designs, leading to the commercial realization of Broadband Wireless Technologies including 3G (EV-DO), 4G (UMB, LTE, LTE-A, LTE-U), 5G-NR and 5G-Advanced --- air-interface standards that constitute the bedrock of ongoing smartphone and wireless revolution. Dr. Naga Bhushan has published his research in 26 international journals and conferences, and has over 600 issued US patents spanning 3G, 4G and 5G wireless systems (5000+ worldwide), along with over 150 active patent applications. He was recognized with a Distinguished Alumnus Award (DAA) by IIT Madras, in 2018.