Scalability in Low Power Wide Area Networks

# 172


“Wireless data delivery over long distance is power consuming and challenging for large-scale deployments. Low-power wide area networks (LPWAN) are increasingly in need to develop wireless solutions that satisfy the following requirements (1) Increased battery life, (2) Longer communication range, (3) Large-Scale, and (4) Low-cost. Existing strategies for addressing low-power and long-range do not efficiently address all of these in a large-scale network. In this talk, the fundamental challenges in meeting the above needs of LPWANs will be identified. Collision resolution approaches to meet the demands of large-scale, commercially available LPWANs - LoRa - will be the focus of this talk.”

Prof. Bhuvana Krishnaswamy, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Bhuvana Krishnaswamy is the Charles Ringrose Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Wisconsin-Madison. She obtained her MS and Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. She is the recipient of many awards including NSF CAREER, N2Women Rising Star, Grainger Faculty Scholarship Award, Early Career Innovator. Her research interests are in low-power wireless communication and its challenges in practical deployments. Additional details about her research and team can be found at