CNI Summer School 2022

The 2022 edition of CNI Summer school is here!

This year’s summer school will be in the form of a short course on Online Algorithms, taught by Prof. Rahul Vaze from TIFR Mumbai. It will be conducted in hybrid mode (online as well as in-person participation in IISc Campus).


For many optimization problems of interest, the input instance is revealed sequentially, and an algorithm has to execute/make irrevocable decisions sequentially with partially revealed input, amid uncertainty about the future input. This sequential decision setting is generally referred to as the online setting, and the corresponding algorithm as an online algorithm.

In this series of five lectures, we will cover five basic online decision problems, that are also well motivated from applications. Through these five problems, we will highlight some important analytical techniques such as the potential function method, primal-dual schema, Yao’s principle etc.


Dates: May 02-06
Duration: Five sessions of approx. 2 hours each
Timings: Mornings 10am to 11:50am (with one short break in between).

Target audience and registration

The Summer School is targeted at 4th Year Bachelors’/dual-degree students or Masters’/PhD students in engineering (ECE/CS/EE or related streams). A (free) registration is required for participation in the Summer School.

We have a limited seats available for those who are keen to attend the sessions in IISc campus in-person. Please express your intent for in-person sessions only if you are sure about attending all sessions in IISc and we’ll confirm (over email) if we can accommodate you for offline (in-person) participation. Please note that IISc will not be providing any travel/food/stay assistance for those attending in-person sessions.

For participating in online mode, please register. We have partnered with ThingQBator (NASSCOM Foundation) for the hosting of online mode this year.

If you are keen on attending summer school in-person (limited number of slots available) at IISc campus, please express your interest by filling up the form.

Please email us at in case of difficulties in registering or for more details.