ICS Security workshop for MSMEs

Fundamentals of IT and OT security for MSMEs

The workshop on Fundamentals of IT and OT security for MSMEs, supported by the CNI was conducted on 7th July 2023 from 10am to 1pm. The workshop concluded with sessions on various topics like Ransomware, Insider Threats, Threats to ICS Systems, etc..
The expert speakers from the domain, Mr. Niranjan Patil, founder and CEO, OPSEC Labs Pvt Ltd, and Mr. Haresh Dagale, Principal Research Scientist, Indian Institute of Science, took the attendees through informative sessions supported by case studies and interactions opening up different dimensions of attacks and their prevention measures. The workshop was attended by 30+ participants who work in related areas.

The half-day workshop comprised of two 1.5 hour sessions for IT security and OT security respectively. Operational Technology (OT) cyber security and Information Technology (IT) security serve distinct purposes. OT security focuses on safeguarding critical infrastructure, ensuring safety, reliability, and availability. In contrast, IT security primarily revolves around safeguarding data, emphasizing confidentiality and integrity. OT systems utilize specialized hardware, software, and protocols tailored for industrial applications, whereas IT systems prioritize data processing, storage, and communication, emphasizing data protection and efficient management. OT systems face a range of threats from various actors, including nation-states, cybercriminals, hacktivists, and insider threats.