COVID-19 Response

The centre has been active in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and has been developing different software solutions that are publicly accessible since March 2020.

Omicron predictions for India

State-wise predictions are available here (ISI’s page).


A website that provides a dashboard for COVID-19 data all across India. Data released by various central and state government entities are collated and made available in a standard format via APIs. 

The website was earlier called and was run by volunteers based on crowd-sourcing. The current website is maintained by the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras (IIT-Madras), the Centre for Networked Intelligence at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) and Semantic Web India Pvt. Ltd.

Campus Rakshak Simulator

COVID-19 Forecast Dashboard in collaboration with ISI Bangalore and University of Virginia

An agent-based simulator for the modelling COVID-19 spread in college campuses.

Interface: Campus Rakshak Simulator App

Please contact Aniruddha Iyer  for input files.

Public Github Repository: Campus Rakshak Simulator

A dashboard to display covid-19 forecasts predicted by models provided by several teams

Dashboard: COVID-19 Forecast Dashboard

Immunity waning, COVID-19 resurgence, vaccinations, and NPIs

S. Athreya, et al., Strategies to mitigate COVID-19 resurgence assuming immunity waning: A study for Karnataka, India.

Rajesh Sundaresan’s short talk on Strategies to Mitigate COVID-19 Resurgence at the mini-symposium “Looking back, looking forward: The science of the COVID-19 pandemic”

Work featured in the June, 2021 issue of IISc’s research news letter

swabs2Labs transfer map

Swabs to Labs

Hackathon on allocation of Swabs to Labs (with Cisco)

Model ensemble (with ISI-Bangalore Centre)

Opening of Mumbai locals (with UVA, Google)

Serosurvey designs for the middle of pandemics (with ISI, IIPH)

Safe opening of workplaces, with the Karnataka State Disaster Management Authority

Exploration of unlock scenarios (with TIFR)

P.Harsha et al., COVID-19 epidemic II: Phased emergence from the lockdown in Mumbai, 04 June 2020.

Simulated study that explores different phased emergence strategies and toggles the resumption of the Mumbai Suburban Railway services.

Mini-city simulator is a web-version of the IISc-TIFR agent based simulator which is designed to run on a (1/100) scale of a city, which translates into 1,00,000 agents.

This supports the following cities: Bengaluru, Mumbai, New York City, Wuhan, and Kochi.


Our Sponsors

We thank our many sponsors for supporting our efforts. Cisco CSR, IISc, Hitachi, Google, DST, DHWFS-NHM.