CNI MTech Fellowship (2022-23)

Call for applications: CNI MTech Fellowship (2022-23)

Applications are invited for a Research Fellowship Programme under the Centre for Networked Intelligence (a Cisco CSR Initiative). The fellowship will be for the duration of 01 August 2022 to 30 June 2023.


Full-time EECS and RBCCPS second-year MTech students (course MTech as well as MTech-research, admitted through the regular admission process), not granted another externally sponsored fellowship, are eligible to apply.

The evaluation committee will look at the applicant’s academic profile, proposed contributions to CNI activities, and the relevance of the proposed research to the Centre’s objective of showcasing innovative applications or theories of networked intelligence. Higher relevance will be assigned to proposed work in the current CNI project topics:

  • Data center networks
  • Data-driven decision frameworks for public health
  • Deterministic networks and programmable data plane
  • Industrial control systems
  • Wi-Fi optimisation and network slicing

Monthly fellowship support:

The CNI fellows will be selected by the evaluation committee, and the CNI scholarship will be in lieu of the MoE scholarship. Exact amount will be indicated at the time of award, and a selected few fellows will receive a slightly higher monthly remuneration.

Additional benefits:

CNI also offers financial support for research publications and conference travel (up to Rs 1 lakh) subject to availability of funds.

Additional honorarium will be paid to the fellows assisting in conducting CNI events. CNI fellows are expected to actively participate in CNI events and contribute towards CNI activities during the year.

Application process:

The following information should be included in the fellowship application:

  1. Covering letter indicating how your work relates to networked intelligence systems and the Centre’s areas of interest. Please indicate how you propose to contribute to CNI activities such as network seminar series organisation or online course modules (mention the course topics).
  2. Full academic résumé including marks/grades in Bachelors, other degrees, years of graduation, honours and awards, publications, work experience, etc.
  3. IISc course transcript.
  4. A one-page write-up on your research area — include a short review, broad problem statement, proposed scope, and focus. Please include any results already obtained and the papers published.

The application email with a single PDF document as attachment (size at most 10 MB) needs to be forwarded by adviser and should reach on or before 16-Aug-2022 21-Aug-2022 (IST).

More details on past CNI fellowships are at