Monthly Newsletter from CNI

Issue - June 2023

From the Editor

We have two major upcoming events this month. CNI is supporting the 14th annual JTG/IEEE Information Theory Society summer school. We have three outstanding international speakers for this event talking about modern research topics such as differential privacy, quantum information theory, and codes for distributed storage and compute. We have 100 registered participants for this event which will be conducted in the ECE department at IISc from June 19-23. Apart from this, we have the bi-annual Cisco-IISc day on June 27, where all CNI PhD scholars will present their research work, along with two associated CNI faculty. Our CSR partner Cisco will also have presentations from their researchers at this event.


Upcoming Events

Multiparty interactive coding over networks of intersecting broadcast links by Manuj Mukherjee from IIIT Delhi on 16th June @11am

Multiparty Interactive Coding over Networks of Intersecting Broadcast Links

Past Events

We had three seminars last month. Two of them were online and one of them was an in-person talk. Registration for Digital Defenders Cybersecurity Masterclass and Capture the Flag (CTF) Competition 2023 event was opened on 11th May.

Probably Anytime-Safe Stochastic Combinatorial Semi-Bandits | Prof. Vincent Y. F. Tan

Mean-field control for restless bandits and weakly coupled MDPs by Dr. Nicolas Gast from INRIA on 2nd May @4pm


Fair clustering: notations and algorithms by Shweta Jain from IIT Ropar on 9th May @4pm

The unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in large scale deep learning
Missing Mass and Optimal Discovery

Reliable object detection and identification in adverse conditions by Kshitiz Bansal from University of California on 23rd May @4pm

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