Monthly Newsletter from CNI

Issue - April 2023


Upcoming Events

The power of adaptivity in representation learning:

from meta-learning to federated learning by Dr. Sanjay Shakkottai from the University of Texas at Austin on 4th April @4pm

The Power of Adaptivity in Representation Learning: from Meta-Learning to Federated Learning
A Converse for Fault-tolerant Quantum Computation.

Converse for quantum fault-tolerance by Avhishek Chatterjee from IIT Madras on 11th April @4pm

Aarogya setu, how India saw covid by Dr. Lalitesh Katragadda from CMU on 11th April


Learning Optimal Beam Directions inNext-generation Wireless Networks | Prof. Manjesh Kumar Hanawal

Trends and Challenges in Multi-cloud Networking and Observability by Praveen Jayachandran from IBM Research, India on 25th April @4pm

Trends and Challenges in Multi-cloud Networking and Observability. | Dr. Praveen Jayachandran, IBM

Past Events

Rooji Jinan, CNI Fellow during 2019-20 and 2021-22, defended her thesis on March 1, 2023 (Wednesday) at 10 am. National Crime Records Bureau(NCRB) in collaboration with Cyber Peace Foundation has launched 4th CCTNS Hackathon & Cyber Challenge-2023, on 13th March 2023. We had four seminars last month.

Age-Distortion Tradeoffs.

Age-distortion tradeoffs by Yunus Inan from EPFL, Switzerland on 7th March @4pm

Fast, flexible, and intelligent next-generation networks and systems by Muhammad Shahbaz from Purdue University on 14th March @4pm

Fast, Flexible, and Intelligent Next-Generation Networks and Systems

Leading the core-technology innovations for 6G by Dr. Naga Bhushan from Qualcomm on 15th March @4pm

Research Challenges in Network Slicing in 5G and Beyond & Its Implications on Rural Connectivity
Short Packet Communication under Random Arrival of Data | Prof. Parthajit Mohapatra| IIT Tirupati

Short packet communication under random arrival of data by Parthajit Mohapatra IIT Tirupati on 28th March @ 4pm

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