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Issue - May 2023


From the Editor

Spring semester is officially over, and this means many things at IISc. This is the beginning of Gulmohar bloom all over the campus, and the advent of the mango season. For some of the graduate students, this is the time for industry internships, and for summer interns from outside IISc arrival time at various laboratories. The end of the spring semester signals a return of focus to research, conference travels, and summer schools. Talking about summer schools, CNI is supporting the  14th annual JTG/IEEE Information Theory Society summer school , which is returning to IISc in June this year. We are also organizing our  3rd annual CNI summer school  in July this year. In addition, our annual hackathon this year is based on cybersecurity and is being organized in association with CySecK, the K-Tech Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security, and our CSR sponsor, Cisco Systems India Pvt. Ltd. We invite all the senior undergraduate and early graduate students to register for all of these events.


Upcoming Events

Mean-field control for restless bandits and weakly coupled MDPs   by Dr. Nicolas Gast from INRIA on 2nd May @4pm

Mean-Field Control for Restless Bandits and Weakly Coupled MDPs | Dr. Nicolas Gast, Inria, Grenoble
Fair Clustering: Notations and Algorithms | Prof. Shweta Jain, IIT Ropar.

Fair clustering: notations and algorithms   by Professor Shweta Jain from IIT Ropar on 9th May @4pm

Reliable object detection and identification in adverse conditions   by Kshitiz Bansal from the University of California on 23rd May @4pm

Reliable Object Detection and Identification in Adverse Conditions, UCSD.

CNI Digital Defenders Cybersecurity Hackathon 2023  organized by CySecK, CNI, and Cisco India. Registration starting May 11


Past Events

We had five seminars last month. Four of them were online and one of them was an in-person talk.

The Power of Adaptivity in Representation Learning: from Meta-Learning to Federated Learning

The power of adaptivity in representation learning:- from meta-learning to federated learning  by Professor Sanjay Shakkottai from the University of Texas at Austin on 4th April @4pm

Converse for quantum fault-tolerance   by Professor Avhishek Chatterjee from IIT Madras on 11th April @4pm

A Converse for Fault-tolerant Quantum Computation.

Aarogya setu, how India saw covid   by Dr. Lalitesh Katragadda from CMU on 11th April

Learning Optimal Beam Directions inNext-generation Wireless Networks | Prof. Manjesh Kumar Hanawal
Trends and Challenges in Multi-cloud Networking and Observability. | Dr. Praveen Jayachandran, IBM

Trends and Challenges in Multi-cloud Networking and Observability   by Dr. Praveen Jayachandran from IBM Research, India on 25th April @4pm

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