Monthly Newsletter from CNI

Issue - March 2023


From the Editor

We are starting this monthly newsletter to keep all the stakeholders updated on the centre activities. Apart from the research and development activities, the centre offers free online courses, scholarship for students working in the relevant areas, organises weekly seminar series, technical workshops, and annual summer schools. We hope to reach students, faculty, and potential staff who would be interested in participating in the centre activities.


Upcoming Events

Age-distortion tradeoffs by Yunus Inan from EPFL, Switzerland on 7th March @4pm

Age-Distortion Tradeoffs.
Fast, Flexible, and Intelligent Next-Generation Networks and Systems

Fast, flexible, and intelligent next-generation networks and systems by Muhammad Shahbaz from Purdue University on 14th March @4pm

Leading the core-technology innovations for 6G by Dr. Naga Bhushan from Qualcomm on 15th March @4pm

Research Challenges in Network Slicing in 5G and Beyond & Its Implications on Rural Connectivity

Short packet communication under random arrival of data by Parthajit Mohapatra IIT Tirupati on 28th March @ 4pm

Short Packet Communication under Random Arrival of Data | Prof. Parthajit Mohapatra| IIT Tirupati

Past Events

We had ten seminars this month. The Centre for Networked Intelligence (CNI) organized the third annual CNI summer school during July 10-14, 2023. The Digital Defenders CTF 2023 also concluded with huge participation.

UGIF :- UI grounded instruction following by Dr. Sagar Gubbi Venkatesh from Google research on 7th Feb @4pm

Coding schemes for input-constrained channels by V. Arvind Rameshwar from IISc on 14th Feb @4pm

Coding Schemes for Input-Constrained Channels
RF Beyond Communication: New Opportunities for Human Sensing with mmWave | Prof. Sandip Chakraborty

RF beyond communication:- new opportunities for human sensing with mmWave by Sandip Chakraborty from IIT Kharagpur on 21st Feb @4pm

Finite time analysis of temporal difference learning with linear function approximation
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